(GUTS ECU Compatible w/ or w/o Power Commander V)

  • R6 Injection
  • ‘03-’05 and ‘06-’09 R6s (black and silver) STD
  • ‘06-’07 R6R (all black) Non-Movable Stack
  • ‘06-’13 R6R (all black) Movable Stack Technology

Note: `03- ‘05 R6s (black and silver) can be retro-fitted to use Yamaha R6R movable stack technology, for increased TOP END Performance

  • R6 Carburated Harness and ECU Services
  • ’03-’05 and ‘06-’09 R6s (black and silver)
  • ‘06+ (all black) Using ‘06+ core parts and stock pickup wheel
  • ’06+ (all black) Using ‘03-’05 core parts with supplied pickup wheel
  • R1
  • ‘04-’06 R1
  • ‘07-’08 R1 (Movable Stack Technology
  • ‘09-’11 R1 (Fixed Stack)

Guhl Motors is proud to announce the unveiling of brand new, cutting edge, money-saving fuel injection technology*. After two years of intensive research and development we now have the capability to reprogram selected stock ECU's without making any physical modifications. This means no cutting into the ECU, no adding unreliable resistors, and no more buying external add-on tuning components (ie: Power Commander or racing ECU). Essentially we are programming as the engine manufacturer does. This is the first time in history that this has been possible, both in the micro racing and motorcycle communities.

Here are just a few of the advantages of using GUTS (Guhl Universal Tuning System):

  • Replaces expensive add-on units (ie: Power Commander, Rapid Bike, racing ECU, etc.)
  • No physical ECU modification necessary, we will not cut into your ECU to perform the GUTS service.
  • No unreliable resistors required for anti-theft and tipover sensors.
  • Raise and lower rev limits without changing the fuel/ignition curves or re-dynoing.
  • Tune stock ECU's as the factory does with unsurpassed control and accuracy.
  • Failure rates decrease due to fewer electrical connections.
  • Entire fueling system will be lighter weight with less connectors, modules, wiring, etc.
  • Greatly reduces installation time and effort with new systems and engine changes.
  • Customizable tuning capabilities.

More information will be released soon regarding pricing and the specific capabilities of GUTS. Remember, no GUTS, no glory...

Note: Guhl Motors ECU modification is legal for racing use only, not for on-highway use. As always, please check with your track rules to ensure legality of ECU modifications.