EFI Tuning

Give us a call to get your engine tuned for best performance. Appointments available Tues-Thurs.

Ways To Tune

We offer two ways to tune your engine: on the dyno, or our newest and most effective method, tuning with on-track data.

Tuning with On-Track Data:

Guhl Motors offers EFI tuning based on data collected while you’re racing on the track. This style of tuning requires data acquisition to collect the stats. This data can be emailed to us and used to edit the tune for your exact combination. The best option for this is our WiDefy System, because it does the data acquisition and the ECU re-flashing all in one unit. The WiDefy System also records all sensor data as read by the ECU so we can detect any problems within any of the sensors or related wiring. 

This service usually costs about $200.

Dyno Tuning:

Guhl Motors is equipped with a state-of-the-art dyno tuning facility, where we can tune your engine to peak performance. On the dyno, we test your engine and track output data in order to figure out the best tune for your car. This is available by appointment only, Tues-Thurs. Call Guhl Motors at 717-618-4212 to make your appointment.

This service starts at $375, plus the cost of additional parts.

Want us to update your tune?

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