"Don and his guys are great! Today was our first time out to get our 600 Micro Sprint tuned. Super friendly, helpful and patient, they explained everything they were doing and why. Not to mention they got us a few extra HP and peace of mind knowing our engine is running as best that it can. Thank you guys!"
-Scott Avery, Facebook


"I had an amazing experience with Guhl Motors. I had an engine that needed some fine tuning. I removed my ECM and sent it to Don and the team Monday and it arrived at his shop Wednesday. I literally received my flashed ECM back the very next day! That is service! Reinstalled it and is exactly as I expected it. Thanks so much Don and team. You guys are the best. I definitely recommend them."
-DeeJay Militar, Facebook


"I had my ECU flashed! Great fast shipping. What a huge improvement all the way around. Snappier throttle, mid range and of course top end. If you are on the fence, pull the trigger send it to Don!"
-Dave Sanlorenzo, Facebook


"Been running Guhl systems for several years. Installed them on countless racecars for local racers and absolutely love their work. Great tech support and friendly staff. Wouldn’t run anything but Guhl from now on!"
-Jason Tyler, Facebook


"I had an amazing experience sending in my ECU in to get it flashed. Got to talk to Don Guhl, told him what I wanted, got it back home, and that thing takes off like a rocket. Great throttle control and runs amazing. No problems, thank you so much for relieving my problems with my engine. I will spread the word!!!"
-Jack Jackson, Facebook


"Reflashed ECU, well packed, came back to me within few days. Everything is great! Didn’t expect such difference - it’s really huge! Only one thing is bothering me - this stupid smile on my face all the time riding!"
-Zbigniew Piwowar, Facebook


"I was so surprised when I called to get put through directly to Don. Great customer service. Had ECU reflashed for my Honda Fury. It is completely different. Faster, quicker, lower idle. I am one very happy customer! Highly recommend Guhl Motors to anyone wants to improve performance!"
-Mark Inscho, Google Review


"Read couple reviews and some videos of Don's ECU flashes and decided to get my ECU flashed and the difference is night and day. Took Don about 20 min to get it all done and was worth every penny. Great group of guys and highly recommend!"
-Blake Enders, Google Review


"Absolutely awesome in every way. Don is an absolute genius and a total gentleman. He explained everything every step of the way. His staff is equally awesome. They're all incredibly knowledgeable and extremely friendly. After having my brand new ECU flashed at Guhl Motors, there is without question a "HUGE" noticeable difference in every way. Much more power. Very smooth. Pulls longer and stronger. It's totally different. I couldn't be happier. Great job. Thank you."
-John Raimondo, Google Review


"Huge thank you to Guhl motors this week for getting our injection system back to us in quick fashion for Action Track tomorrow. These StackZuki systems are rippers, and have won 4 of the last 4 races at Lanco this season, and went 1-2 last weekend. If interested, reach out to Don at Guhl motors, and you can be winning this weekend too."
-Facebook Review


"Don and his staff are on a totally different level when it comes to ECU Flashing! Very knowledgeable and with great customer service!! Had a good time hanging out and learning everything they have to offer!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"
-Google Review


"This is my first year running a Guhl Motors injection, the monster StackZuki is amazing! I will never run anything else! Guhl motors has a customer for life!"
-David Patrick, Facebook

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