Don Guhl

Don Guhl- Owner/President

In the early 80’s, I began doing service work on electronic control systems, and by the late 80’s, I was doing this along with minor engineering projects professionally. In my early high school years, I tuned turbo charging systems for local drag racers. After graduating high school, I began my true pursuit for an engineering degree. Throughout college and even thereafter I fully devoted myself to my education through both classwork and extracurricular activities. In college, I began my formal education about engines and their processes, although I had long since mastered assembly and various performance improvement techniques. This formal education is what fostered the passion that I still have today for engines, performance, and racing. I have a B.S. in electronics engineering. In 2001, I developed the very first electronic alcohol fuel injection conversion system for a 600cc micro sprint. That system, while very different from our current EFI systems, is still being produced and sold by another EFI system manufacturer. My only goal in this business is to better the sport. I enjoy every aspect of racing and I am committed to fostering growth within the racing community.

Rob Griffin- Facilitator

I started racing at a very early age since I was born into a racing family. I raced 270 micros from 1998-2003, 600s from 2004-2007, and was a 600 owner from 2009-2013. I also worked for Goldrush as a custom racecar trailer manufacturer from 1997-2007. I started working at Guhl Motors in the June of 2009, and I have since become heavily involved in the customer service aspect of the business, as well as delivery and just handling the general flow of Guhl Motors. 

Rob Griffin
Cliff Brian

Cliff Brian- Fuel Injection Specialist

Marty Brian- Fuel Injection Assistant

Marty Brian