MYTH BUSTED- Reverse Throttle Bodies on a Restrictor Motor

In response to our previous post about turning throttle bodies around, we had many requests to test this on a restrictor engine. Your wish is our command! We did some more tests on our dyno and wanted to share our findings. Keep reading for the results!

In our last myth busting post, we tested whether or not turning throttle bodies backwards makes any difference in the power and torque. Many people responded to our post asking if we would test this on a restrictor engine.

We ran two tests on our dyno- one with the throttle bodies their normal, front-facing way, and one with them backwards. After a few hours of thoroughly tuning each combination, check out the graph below for the results! Open the image in a new tab for the best clarity.

The blue line depicts horsepower, and the green line is torque. The thin lines are front-facing throttle bodies, and the tick lines are the throttle bodies installed backwards.

In this test, the results were about the same as last time- there does not appear to be any benefit to turning the throttle bodies around, even on a restrictor engine. Let us know if there is anything else you would like to see tested!

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