Great Results at Pennsylvania 600 Speedweek!

Guhl Motors had great success during the Pennsylvania 600 Speedweek this year with Guhl customers in the top two final spots! Also included in this post is some information on our Guhl Motors WiDefy Data Logging System.

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What is the Pennsylvania 600 Speedweek?

Each year, there is a set of races that go through Monday to Saturday, each on a different track located in Pennsylvania. To start, racers will compete in time trials to determine where they start in the upcoming heat races. During the heat races, racers are awarded points based on where they finish. The champion is the racer who has the most points by the end of the week!

Overall Guhl Speedweek Winners

Guhl Motors had great results in the final points standings at the end of this week! We are very proud of all of our customers who participated in these races this week, and we would like to recognize these racers who made it to the top two spots!

In 2nd place, we have Alex Ruppert with 412 points. Ruppert ran an R6 with Billet Injection.

Winning the championship, Zack Bealer came in 1st place with 426 points! Bealer ran our StackZuki Injection.

Both of these racers also used our WiDefy Data Logging and ECU Tuning System.

Why is the WiDefy System So Important?

Our WiDefy Data Logging and ECU Tuning Systems have brought massive success to many racers all across the world. Why? Because they allow the user to do so much to their ECU with ease!

With the WiDefy System, users can tune their ECU using data collected on the race track, not just on a dyno. This allows for more accurate tunes, no dyno tuning fees, and less time consumption. 

Since the WiDefy receives all of the sensor data directly from the ECU, it is very easy to see if there are any problems with the fuel injection system. The factory ECU is very good at compensating for a failed sensor, so it’s very hard to tell if there is a problem with the system. By analyzing the data, it is easy to see when a sensor is inoperable, making for a simple repair to get back to full power.

Installation is also insanely easy! The WiDefy System uses a plug-and-play installation, making for a hassle-free experience. 

Overall, the Guhl Motors WiDefy System is a must-have for any racer looking to improve their game!

Congratulations to Bealer and Ruppert, and to those racers not listed! It was a great week, and we can’t wait for next year!

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