Guhl Motors Dominates Again In The 2024 Tulsa Shootout!

Rev your engines and join us in celebrating the spectacular success at the recent Tulsa Shootout, the most anticipated race of the year. Guhl Motors, the unrivaled leader in fuel injection technology, proudly congratulates all our awesome customers who showcased the incredible capabilities of our products on the track.

Guhl Motors’ Triumphs Speak Volumes:

✅56% Feature Qualifiers: We don’t just compete; we dominate. Guhl Motors’ fuel injection products ensured that over half of the feature qualifiers hailed the power and precision of our cutting-edge technology.

✅ 50% Wins and Podiums: The checkered flag is not just a symbol; it’s a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence. Guhl Motors stood tall, claiming an astounding 50% of all wins and podium spots at the Tulsa Shootout.

✅ Golden Driller Dominance: Over the last four years, Guhl Motors has carved its name in the history books, securing a staggering 69% of all features adorned with the prestigious Golden Driller title. Our commitment to performance is unmatched.

Don’t settle for anything less than victory. Elevate your racing experience with Guhl Motors’ fuel injection products – the undisputed champions at the Tulsa Shootout and beyond. Unleash the power, embrace the thrill, and leave your competitors in the dust.

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