Guhl Motors Dominates Tulsa Shootout!

We're ecstatic to share the outstanding news of Guhl Motors' sensational triumph at the 2023 Tulsa Shootout! The race was a resounding success with a whopping 4 out of 6 winners of the coveted Golden Driller being our very own customers. What an amazing way to kick off the new year! So, buckle up and get ready for a thrilling ride, as we share our impressive list of qualifiers!

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What is the Tulsa Shootout?

The Tulsa Shootout is the largest micro sprint racing event in the world. Winners of this event bring home the Golden Driller, a highly sought-after award! It is held in Tulsa, OK, and racers from all over the world travel to compete in this dog-eat-dog competition.

Nonwinged Outlaw Main Event

Our customers took over half of the board with 13/24 qualifying slots while running the Guhl Motors Fuel Injection System- that’s a lot! This is an achievement that we as a team are extraordinarily proud of. We would like to extend a massive congratulations to our following customers:

1st – TJ Smith
3rd – Jason McDougal
5th -Shawn Mahaffey
6th – Emerson Axsom
7th – Ashton Torgerson
11th – JJ Loss
12th – Cannon McIntosh
13th – Jace Park
14th – Jake Neuman
15th – Karter Battarbee
19th – Kyle Jones
23rd – Dominic Gorden
24th – Jonathan Beason

California’s TJ Smith Finally A Shootout...
TJ Smith, 1st place in the Nonwinged Outlaw Main Event (Image Credit: DPCmedia)

Winged Outlaw Main Event

Our customers made up 3/4 of the field in this event, with 18/24 qualifiers running the Guhl Motors Fuel Injection System! This is the most competitive event in the entirety of the Tulsa Shootout, which makes this an even bigger accomplishment! These results are almost unheard of, and it’s a record that will be difficult to beat! We would like to congratulate these amazing customers:

1st – Emerson Axsom
2nd – Brent Crews
3rd -TJ Smith
4th – Daison Pursley
6th – Jett Yantis
7th – Kameron Key
9th – Blake Hahn
10th – Jake Hagopian
12th – Chance Crum
13th – Michael Faccinto
14th – Jett Barnes
16th – Jace Park
18th – Matthew Howard
19th – Jonathan Beason
20th – Gavan Boschele
21st – Ricky Thornton Jr
23rd – KJ Snow
25th – Kris Carroll

Emerson Axsom Races To Outlaw Victory In...
Emerson Axsom, 1st place in the Winged Outlaw Main Event (Image Credit: DPCmedia)

Stock Non-Wing Main Event

Guhl Motors is excited to announce that 15/24 qualifying slots in this event were runners of the Guhl Motors Fuel Injection System! That’s over half of the field! Our team would like to extend a congratulations to these qualifying customers:

1st – Gavan Boschele
2nd – Jace Park
3rd – Austin Torgerson
4th – Emerson Axsom
7th – Chelby Hinton
8th – Chris Cochran
14th – Aiden Price
15th – Mitchel Moles
16th – Jason Tyer
18th – Brody Brown
19th – Seth Shebester
20th – Jase Randolph
22nd – Avery Goodman
23rd – Cannon McIntosh
24th – Jake Hagopian

Gavan Boschele Lands First Career Golden...

Gavan Boschele, 1st place in Stock Non-Wing Main Event (Image Credit: DPCmedia)

Winged A-Class Main Event

Our final tremendous outcome was this event, with another 15 Guhl Motors customers in the qualifying 24 slots! Yet another field our customers ruled! Guhl Motors proudly congratulates the following:

1st – Jake Hagopian
2nd – Ricky Thornton Jr
3rd – Emerson Axsom
5th – Cody Christensen
6th – Michael Faccinto
8th – Kris Carroll
11th – Zach Wigal
13th – Dominic Gorden
15th – Teagen Moles
16th – Avery Goodman
17th – Jace Park
18th – Kameron Key
20th – Gavin Miller
21th – Shane Stewart
24th – Jett Hays

Jake Hagopian Makes In Three Career Tuls...
Jake Hagopian, 1st place in Winged A-Class Main Event (Image Credit: DPCmedia)


The Guhl Motors Fuel Injection System was the most-used system with all of the qualifiers in all four of these events, reigning over all other systems. We are so thankful to have such hard-working customers. Our team would finally like to congratulate all other racers who competed in the 2023 Tulsa Shootout. It was overall an amazing event, and we are looking forward to next year!

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