Billet R6 Injection


(Includes custom braided harness, ECU, all sensors, no core parts required)

Introducing our Billet R6 Injection, designed for racers seeking top-level performance! Made from premium quality materials, this fuel injection system, with its uncomplicated 4-injector design, is engineered to improve engine efficiency and maximize horsepower output. Our Billet R6 Injection offers superior fuel atomization, precise tuning, and easy installation, making it the perfect upgrade for any racing enthusiast. With its sleek and durable billet construction and moving velocity stack technology, it is built to withstand the toughest racing conditions, ensuring reliability and consistent performance on and off the track. Upgrade your racecar with our Billet R6 Injection today and experience unmatched power and acceleration!

Custom Billet Fuel Injection System

  • Available in short and long runner versions
  • Custom moving velocity stacks
  • Comes with:
    • Custom braided harness
    • Tuned ECU
    • Charging system
    • All required sensors
  • Best suited for built engines
  • Stacks controlled by ECU for clean installations (no additional boxes required)
  • Simple lightweight system with 4 injectors and no throttle-by-wires


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