StackZuki Methanol Fuel Injection Conversion


The very first Suzuki moving velocity stack system!

Upgrade your racecar’s performance with the revolutionary StackZuki Methanol Fuel Injection Conversion by Guhl Motors. This conversion features innovative moving velocity stacks that are specially designed to optimize air intake and fuel delivery, resulting in maximum horsepower and torque gains in all RPM ranges. The velocity stacks move in response to engine RPM and throttle position, allowing for precise and efficient fuel delivery at all times. Make the switch to the StackZuki and experience unrivaled power and performance on the track.

Order the StackZuki Methanol Fuel Injection Conversion by Guhl Motors today and start dominating the competition.

  • Works with 2006-current GSX-R600 engines
  • A-class legal
  • Includes:
    • 8 fuel injectors
    • Upper and lower fuel rails
    • Airbox assembly
    • Assembly labor
  • Does NOT include core parts (core parts can be provided at an additional cost)


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